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Hi everyone, I want to say a few words about Lois Warnock and my experience after the Psychic Art session with her. First of, I never heard about Psychic Art before at all. So, the mere concept sounded interesting and I decided to gift myself a session with Lois. And to my absolute astonishment, I was blown away by the depth of Lois's gifts, creativity and her genuine connection with the Spirit guides that she is on great friendly terms with:). 

Not only did she skillfully draw the portrait of my Spirit Guide (it is gorgeous!!!) but she also -as she was drawing- was sending me messages through him. All 3 intentions I was asked to put on paper were carefully addressed by my Spirit Guide who was chaneled through Lois. Her unique combination of a gifted Artist , Medium and a wise Soul created Magic that is beyond any logical explanation. 

If you are curious who your Spirit Guide is, if you have questions regarding your personal, business or professional life, if you are open to receiving additional guidance and co-create with the Divine Realm, Lois is a creative outlet, a pure conduit at your service. She is pure Love and serves from the space of giving, supporting and bringing peace and harmony. Thank you Lois for being the amazing YOU! 

Zhanna Shpits

CEO of Kidz Universe

Inspirational Speaker/Singer/Songwriter

You have a gift of communication thru your  portrait art, providing me with answers and ways of seeing that had not been possible; bringing the spirit world to this world so that my two eyes could see.  The small girl inside me has waited a very long time to see what has so often been shown in a dream world that no one can accept...but I AM forever grateful and forever evolved by the experience of your guide drawings in many forms.  I AM PEACE.



Lois did a number of drawings in 2012 last year for myself and my husband.  Besides drawing our spirit guides, she was also able to bring through our daughter ‘Larisa’, who had passed away in March of 1993.  Her ability to do this is truly remarkable – not only does she do the drawings, her comments throughout the reading gave us validation that it was our daughter.  Things that only Larisa and we as parents would only know.  I highly recommend Lois.



THANK YOU...THANK YOU...THANK YOU for the amazing drawing of my Spirit Guide Beethoven!!!  You are exceptionally talented and also, I cannot tell you enough how MAGICAL and MAGNETIZING this image is- it feels like he is looking right into my Soul and brings immediate peace, grace and harmony to my heart...I am serious!!!  He is a SAGE whose presence I now crave-believe it or not!   SO, Lois, Your work goes a long way and serves in the  HIGHEST PURPOSE POSSIBLE!!!   


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