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The Platinum Journey

  • 6 Month Program
    Nurture your Divine Soul

Do you need guidance from your ‘divine team’.  Connect to your spirit team through Lois.  They know your journey and will come forward with amazing guidance, clarity and healing energy for you.


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The Diamond Journey:
1 Year Spiritual Coaching Journey

1-year Mentorship program truly connecting to your spirit guide/s.  1-on-1 and group calls, private FB group and many extras. 


This offer will be open for the first ten, then closed until Fall of 2022.

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Experience this unique mediumship – Lois will connect/introduce you to the Spirit Guide that is awaiting you at this time.   Symbols will appear for messages.

While the portrait drawing comes to life on paper, Lois will channel messages for guidance, clarity and healing & teach you how to connect with your guide!


If you prefer to pay by Square or e-transfer, contact me at

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